European Society of Cardiology 2018: Day 2!

FISH OIL supplements Once again, fish oil supplements have no benefit for patients in reducing cardiovascular disease. Ileana Piña, MD (Montefiore Weiler Hospital, New York, NY), agreed, noting: “I have a lot of patients who want to take the omega acids and they spend a lot of money in these health food stores, [...]

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European Society of Cardiology Meeting 2018: DAY 1

MATRIX trial Your interventional doctor should be using your radial artery to enter your body during a catheterization procedure! Especially when you are having a heart attack. A study presented at an international cardiology meeting today confirms that notion. The results showed a significant reduction in major bleeding events when compared to using [...]

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Have you had cancer treated with radiation or chemotherapy?

Have you been diagnosed and treated for cancer? Did you receive radiation or chemotherapy as treatment for your cancer? These treatments have well known side effects. Lesser known side effects are those that can involve your heart and blood vessels. Weakness of the heart muscle, high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes can present either [...]

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My artery is compressing my vein!

Iliac vein compression syndrome is an under diagnosed medical condition. It can frequently lead to the formation of clots in your legs also known as DVT. It has also been associated with lower extremity edema, lower extremity skin discoloration as well as the development of non-healing ulcers of the legs. Founder of The VEINS (Venous [...]

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Blood clot! What to do?

When a patient develops a "clot' in an artery or a vein, that is a medical emergency. An example of this is shown in figure 1 where you see the dark image of the contrast coming to an abrupt halt. The patients left foot was ice cold and painful. There were no pulses felt in [...]

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ACC Meeting 2018 Starts Off with a BANG!

The first late breaking clinical trail was presented today at the ACC Meeting 2018 in Orlando, Fla. The first study was titled "ODYSSEY OUTCOMES". The trial set out to answer if PCSK9 compounds, in this case ALIROCUMAB (trade name PRALUENT), can reduce major adverse cardiac events in patients presenting with either a heart attack or [...]

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Case of the Month: New fistula but low flow?

61-year-old Caucasian male. History of end stage renal disease on dialysis secondary to diabetic nephropathy, coronary artery disease s/p CABG 2015 presented for fistulo-gram to determine the cause of low flows on hemodialysis. He had recently undergone revision of his left brachio-cephalic fistula. Three weeks later the patient underwent a pacemaker implantation for advanced [...]

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September is Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Awareness Month

September is peripheral arterial disease (PAD) awareness month. The disease is such a sleeping tiger when it comes to medical conditions. PAD can cause everything from pain in your legs when you walk to non-healing ulcers in your feet. PAD could potentially lead to amputation in the worst scenarios. More often it is asymptomatic therefore, [...]

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DANCE anyone?

At the recent Society of Cardiac Angiography and Intervention the much anticipated DANCE trial was presented. Patients with peripheral arterial disease suffering from leg pain when walking were evaluated in the trial. The DANCE trial involved the injection of steroids into the surrounding tissue and demonstrated a significant reduction in inflammatory biomarkers. This trial and [...]

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European Society of Cardiology Meeting

First and foremost our prayers are with the victims and people of central Italy where an Earthquake struck last week, only 100 miles from Rome where the European Society of Cardiology convened this week for its congress. The meeting commenced today and there were two clinical trials worthy of mention: ANTARCTIC and DANISH studies. The Antarctic Study The ANTARCTIC [...]

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